Bidyut was sad…!

First posted on March 5, 2013 by sitardivine

It was 05 March in the 2013. I took charge of the Head of the Department from Goutam Ghosh. Everyone present at that time in the department assembled on the occasion. After the ceremony was over I became busy with my work.. teaching a sarode student and also supporting a computer personnel who was trying to repair my computer ..  At one point I saw Bidyut [Dr. Bidyut Kanti Chaudhury, Assistant Professor]on the door. He wanted to come in. I noticed that he was slightly tensed.. He told me ‘Sanjoyda I feel so sad that I even could not know that you were taking the charge of the HoD!! I was busy in my classroom..’. I could clearly see that he was hurt.  I said that I was happy that he was busy in teaching.. it was what I wish to look all around… that the department is running nicely with full of academic activities and taking less care of such trivia like transfer of charges of a HoD.. I greeted him for his involvement in teaching.. He went back happy and after sometime he came back with a piece of paper in his hand.. Here is what he wrote;