Concert Management

Pandit Sanjoy Bandopadhyay takes pleasure in performing sitar solo concerts. He is also takes interest in cross-over and experimental concerts.

Sitar solo concert

Typically a sitar solo concert involves a tabla player [drummer]. The routine concert setting is:

Performance setting

A raised platform over the stage which can be around 18 inch to 24 inch high and may not be smaller than 18 ft.x12 ft.  The platform should be covered with thick good looking non-springy materials [ideally covered by thickly designed carpets.]. The stage may be nicely decorated.


Good amplification arrangement  with high-quality mixer, amplifier and speaker systems with appropriate stage microphones are essential. Panditjee prefers to use a transducer microphone in combination with a condenser microphone. The prferred transducer microphone is  Schertler DYN-E. If NOT available AKG 411 may be used. In combination with a transducer microphone a hyper-cardioid   or super-cardioid condenser microphones like Neumann KM184, Schoepp MK41, RODE NT5 or  AKG C 1000S is used. Two AKG C 1000S microphones are required for the tabla player and tanpuri.


The stage lighting may be plain and simple with clear visibility of the musicians on stage. There should be soft lighting in the auditorium during the recital. The musicians would love to see the audience expressions.

Printable two-fold brochure

Printable brochure for distribution. The files require to get appropriately printed both side in high resolution colour. Click to download: Inside file | Outside file . One both sided print will give two brochures. Print – Cut – Fold – Distribute. This is a two fold brochure.

Printable photographs of Pandit Sanjoy Bandopadhyay

Please click to download: (a) PSB in Blue | (b)PSB – Performance

Sales table

A table may be nicely laid for sale of CDs, DVDs etc.

Other details

Other details may be discussed with the musician.

Cross over concerts

Cross over music concerts will require additional setting and concert preparations. This will additionally involve rehearsal space between two to five days for five to eight hours a day. The details may be obtained from the musicians. The requirements may vary with the type of the projects.

Support to media persons

The media representatives should be appropriately briefed about the items performed in a concert, its backgrounds and other relevant details. An appropriate support kit may be developed for each concert and made available. The required data will come from the musicians that can be presented in appropriate media and uploaded to the net.

Important Request to the Organizers

The musicians especially request the organizers to go for WIDE AND REPEATED PROMOTION of the event for appropriate period of time in all possible media like, news papers, local TV, local FM channels, public displays [hoardings, posters, etc.], Internet announcement, emails and others.  It is important that wide cross section of people know about the concert and the type of music they may expect. Appropriate persuasion is important for the interested ones to actually reach the concert hall.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.