Peejush Prasanna my Father: A Brief Tribute

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It was January 01, 2009—- a Kolkata morning

When I woke up this morning, opened my eyes on the first day of 2009 – I felt a bit strange. I was not very happy when I believed it would be a happier new year.

Today is different from the first day of 2008. On the last new-year day we were differently busy. That was the day when Papa departed us and took to the zone of timeless oneness.

Then a year passed. It was extremely eventful for me. I did many things, met with many new people, many new experiences, and many new inspirations. It gave me richer understanding of life and creations. But the ability to receive them and interpret them came from within.

I always knew that all these happened because a specific soul was here from 06 June 1920 to 01 January 2008. At times I felt Papa more closely than I had him during some of the earlier years. Some of his thoughts are gradually becoming My Thoughts. I believe this is the chain that helps Human grow.

On this day I wish to remember some of his thoughts. I wish to remember how he used to explain The Truth. How he valued the general truth of life and human deeds. I also proudly remember his never ending support to the people who needed it. I remember his voracious reading of books. He read all the books in two sections of Khairagarh University library within a few months! He read day and night without much sleep. I remember the days when he almost did not sleep for months and kept sitting on his small bed. I remember his getting very angry with little reasons. I remember the 50 eggs at Khairagarh that Papa, Rakhi, one year old Mim and I ate at dinner! That was Rakhi inspired ‘Egg Day’. Actually the idea came from a scene from the Sofia Loren’s Sunflower. I also remember his days and nights with Harry Potter!

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We Especially Remember Him Today

Today we are especially remembering him – trying to feel his presence more strongly. His affectionate Didubhai, his first grandchild has left for her office. Mim is a great follower of her Tata [grandpa]. She thought that her Tata would want it this way. But, she will be back early to join everybody in the evening. Today we are trying to run the activities as Papa would like. The Thakurbhog with some nicely cooked food, later evening Puja of Satyanarayan and the get together of the people who he loved most.
Sanjoy Bandopadhyay


More Tributes 

Through the blessings of Lord Ram Thakur, we all assembled here to pay our highest regards / Pranams to Peejush Prasanna Banerjee. :: Pranab Dutta, 01 January 2009

I met Shri Peejush Prasanna, the father of my Guruji, Shri Sanjoy Bandopadhyay in 1980 at Khairagarh, whom i was lovingly addressing as Baba. He was a very kind, straight forward person with good guidance all the time. I pray God that his soul may always rest in peace.:: Dr R.Ramkalawon,Mauritius; 04 January 2009

My Kuttimama, Peejush Prasanna Banerjee, was my favourate Mama — because he liked me very much and he was fond of music. His sense of both vocal and instrumental music was beyond limits. When he used to play sitar the atmosphere of the place used to get surcharged with something great – it’s very difficult to exactly express that — I cannot express properly —– I would say, it used to become heavenly.

I also remember that once Kuttimama commented on me to my mother “ Bardi — Dekhbi akdin O kato kichhu karbe”. Kuttimamamr kathata bhebe ami eka eka chokher jal pheli aar ami nijeke santana dei je ato baro maper manushta Maa-ke oi katha bolechhilo.

Tanika Roy, Hyderabad

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