Dadu; Raisahib Rajendra Lal Banerjee


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[This page was the opening note of the ‘Family Wiki’ that was live from 02 Nov 2008 to 14 August 2012.]

Note: The title is kept as ‘Dadu’ as we the grandchildren from his son’s side used to call him so.  Usual Bengali practice is, the grandchildren of the son’s side call their grandpa as ‘Thakurda’ and the grandchildren of the daughter’s side as ‘Dadu’. We used just the opposites.

Dadu, Raisahib Rajendra Lal Banerjee

Rajendra Lal Bandyopadhyaya (Bilash) also quite frequently remembered as Rai Sahib R.L. Banerjee [Ramanavami 1880 – 14 June 1965 (Ramnabami is an auspicious day for the Hindus).It is believed that the day is the birthday of Lord Ram, the eldest son of King Dasarath of Ayodhya) ] came out as a prolific personality in the society he belonged during his 85 years of life.His parents, Ramkrishna Bandyopdhyaya and Shibsundari Devi lived in their ancestral home at village Dehergati (locally pronounced as Deurgati) district Barishal, presenly in Bangladesh but he spent most of his life serving the Government in different parts of India, before finally settling down in Calcutta after retirement in 1934/1935. Rajendra Lal (The word Rajendra means the King of the Gods) did not live himself but lived with a very strong presence in the lives of hundreds in and outside his family. Around 1998 Amitabha Mukhrejee [Bubu] thought that there should be a big get together of all the members who find their root in RLB. Now again the mind-wave has showed its presence.

Raisahib Medal

The WISH of ‘Touch the Roots’ has come again alive. Mahiruha Keshari (Shekhar) Banerjee [Rintu] feeling the urge that this MUST happen. Mahiruha Shekhar called Sanjoy Bandopadhyay [Bublu] on 01 November 2008 and expressed his wish. Sanjoy also believes that there is a strong role of thought-undercurrent of ‘Knowledge about Life’. Sanjoy comments, “The philosophy, approach to life, the understandings are partly the result of the thoughts passed on to us by our ancestors —“. He says that “I talked with many members of OUR family — and I felt times without number that WE feel that we possibly have a soft-uniqueness. This may be true for all living individuals — but WE are more inclined to REDISCOVER ourselves.”

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