Adieu Sikkim University

The June 30, 2021 was the last working day of Professor [Pt.] Sanjoy Bandopadhyay at the Sikkim University

From Facebook

SUTA [Sikkim University Teachers’ Association] on WhatsApp |

[1:14 PM, 6/30/2021] Prof. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay writes

It is time to say goodbye to all my colleagues at Sikkim University. It was a prized four years for me! I cherish my opportunities to interact, learn, and getting enriched with such a band of wise people like you. I am leaving Sikkim University with countless happy memories. I am glad that I could be with you. 

I wish all my colleagues many bright and grand moments ahead. I am sure that the future is waiting with well-laid stairs to take you to the apex. 

With warmest regards: Sanjoy Bandopadhyay🙏🙏🙏


[1:24 PM, 6/30/2021] +91 89670 36279: Our all best wishes are with you and family Sir. You have contributed a lot to our University. Thank you so much.😀🙏


[1:33 PM, 6/30/2021] +91 70479 97045: All the best for future endeavours… Sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏


[1:50 PM, 6/30/2021] Jasmine, Asst. Professor, SU Mass Comm: Wishing you joy, peace and good health, Sir!


[2:02 PM, 6/30/2021] Yadida Bhutiya SU, Associate Professor, Education: It was nice knowing you Sir and working with you in a committee. May you have all the joy, happiness, prosperity and good health. With high regards.


[2:11 PM, 6/30/2021] Sandhya Thapa, Associate Professor SU Sociology: Thank you so much for your contributions in Sikkim University n  Sikkim at large  for consolidating music department here. . You had given me an opportunity  to share music from Sociological  lens

..that was the wonderful  experience i had in music department.  Wish you all joy prosperity, good well as happy days ahead., Prof Bandopadhya


[4:05 PM, 6/30/2021] S.S. Mahapatra, Professor & Head, Commerce: It was a pleasure to work with you. We wish you good health and happy retired life.


[4:08 PM, 6/30/2021] +91 94345 52502: Wish you a healthy and happy life ahead sir.  Hope your guidance will continue to the department 🙏


[4:55 PM, 6/30/2021] +91 98731 22054: Congratulations Sir for an eventful tenure at the music department.We wish you a very happy and healthy life ahead.

May your 2nd innings be more versatile.



[4:57 PM, 6/30/2021] +91 86709 84192: Congratulations Sir. I WISH YOU a happy  and musical life ahead.


[11:10 AM, 7/01/2021] Aneera P Lepcha, SU  : Congratulations Sir,  I wish you happy life ahead.


Music Department, SU on WhatsApp

[12:29 PM, 6/30/2021] Krishnendu Dutta, Associate Professor & Head, Music: Dear all

Good afternoon!

Our music department is like an extended family and Sanjay Sir is our guiding guardian. Unfortunately, he will not be in Gangtok from tomorrow.  Maybe it’s my turn after that based on age.  None of us will be here forever.  But the department will remain forever. And as long as the department exists, the name of Prof Sanjay Sir will stay always in every way in the history of Sikkim University, Department of Music.


[1:51 PM, 6/30/2021] Atish Tamang, PhD Scholar: Farewell Sir🌷🤍


[1:52 PM, 6/30/2021] Priyanka Pradhan, PG Student,: 😓


[2:38 PM, 6/30/2021] +91 86383 08470: We all will miss you sir💐


[3:23 PM, 6/30/2021] Ashis Sinchuri SU Student, PG student: Farewell Sir. It was really an honor and privilege to have you as our Guru.


[3:38 PM, 6/30/2021] +91 60003 00945: Farewell sir🌸🙏🏻


[4:01 PM, 6/30/2021] Vivek Basnet, PG student: Dear guruji, We all miss you  It was really a wonderful time with you ❤


[4:13 PM, 6/30/2021] Anuraag Gajamer Student: Thank you for everything that you have done for us Sir. The knowledge and wisdom which you imparted unto us will guide us through this journey of life.🌺🌻🌸


Chosen personal messages through WhatsApp

Santosh Kumar, Asst. Professor, Music, SU, 6/28/2021, 7:27 p.m.

Thank you very much sir, since last 4 years, you were part of many good times of our family with your blessings. Not only this, I have personally learnt a lot regarding academic, career and life. 

Keep your blessings sir 😊

At this age your enthusiasm for the work is remarkable and should learnt a lot from you.

Happy journey and hope to see you soon with some new assignments.



Milind Dhamala, PhD Scholar, 6/30/2021, 9:39 a.m.

Pranam Guruji🙏 i wish we could meet before you leave but I really look forward to meeting you again in future. I have few things to say, firstly we all are tremendously thankful for everything you’ve done for us, without you things wouldn’t have been possible, we wouldn’t have learned so much about research in so little time although we know very little about it; but whatever we learned, we learned from you. Thank you for being an amazing teacher (though some of us couldn’t be good students), a father figure and an inspiration to do well in life. We never really realize the value of a person until they’re gone. We used to talk about how our department has progressed since the day you entered but we were also very careless at times by not completing the tasks you had given us. I personally want to apologize for every mistake I’ve done and will always remember you and the lessons you’ve given us. We will always say it if anyone asks us about who our teacher was, “Pandit Sanjay Bandopadhya” you will be greatly missed and thank you once again for every little thing you’ve done for us. I wish you a very healthy life ahead and a safe journey. With love, Millind 🙏❤


Anuraag Gajamer, PhD Scholar, 6/30/2021, 2:06 p.m.

Thank you for everything that you have done for us Sir. The knowledge and wisdom which you imparted unto us will guide us through this journey of life.🌺🌻🌸


Siddhant Rai, PhD Scholar, 6/30/2021, 2:16 p.m.

Thankyou Sir for all that you did for us and our department. I am truly blessed having taught by you even if it was for a short while. Thank you for creating such standard in the department. Farewell sir!


[9:29 PM, 6/30/2021] Hemant Biswakarma SU BPA 3rd Sem: Guruji 

Aap ja rahe hai toh mujhe lag raha hai ke 

Mere body se koi part mujse door ja raha hai

Guruji mere leye aap bahut he zeyada important hai 

Mere jewan ka bahut he behtarin Palo mai ek jo maine aapke sath betaya 

Mujhe nahi lagta aapke jaisa guru hame koi or mil payega 

Bikhre huwe thee hum aap ne samet deya 

Aadhure se thee aapne aake pura kar deya 

I know guruji main bahut aacha student toh nahi ho saka jiske leye mafe chata hu 

Safe journey guruji I will always miss you 🙏😢

————– Reply ———-

[10:34 AM, 7/1/2021] Prof. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay: Aare Gurujee, kayse baat kar rahe hain. Tu itnaa achchha hain, ki kya bataayun! Thoda saa man lagaake kaam kar, dekh kya jaadu hotaa hain. FIUT and GRIT yaad rakhna.. Tu bahut achchha hain. Love you ❤️!

—————— Reply—

[10:50 AM, 7/1/2021] Hemant Biswakarma SU BPA 3rd Sem: I will miss you guruji🥺🥺


Dr Yadida Bhutia’s quick 60 secs. touch down to say goodbye during late  afternoon of June 30, 2021. 

Dr. Yadida Bhutia and Professor Sanjoy bandopadhyay

Earlier, Professor Abhijit Dutta. Dean, School of Professional Studies visited Professor Sanjoy a couple of times to say him Good Bye. Same for Dr. Rama Mohan, Associate Professor in Anthropology. Dr. Mohan later on July 05 he wrote in a WhatsApp message, “Good evening Sir, Hope you have settled back.
Miss all your enlightening discussions, Regards”.

I remember Dr Samidha Vedabala, who is my student too, and an Assistant Professor of the Department of Music especially visited me to say adieu from SU. She came with some delicious food!


A phone call

It was June 30, 2021, and the time was 3:38 p.m. Dr. Swati Sachdeva, Associate Professor in Sociology, gave me a tinkle. She talked, took her own time to say me adieu. 


A quick farewell on the June 30 evening

Dr Krishnendu Dutta, the Head of the Department of Music, arranged a quick online farewell on the evening of July 30. Md. Ibran, an M.Phil scholar, coordinated the occasion. A good number of students and faculty members participated.

I am personally delighted to observe that my students recalled my tips for success and self-development like FIUT & GRIT, TAKING PRIDE ON FAILURES, YOU ARE YOUR OWN TEACHER and others.


On a Personal Note

Dr. Samidha Vedabala with Professor Sanjoy Bandopadhyay

Two PG students Manisha and Saraswati came with her and traditionally garlanded me with khAdA.


The departure from Sikkim

L to R : Prof. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay, Dr. Krishnendu Dutta, Mr. Subham Peter Gazmer

A foggy morning, it was July 1 of 2021. Professor Bandopadhyay sat on a car slightly before  6:00 a.m. at Entel, 6th Mile. It was time for him to leave Gangtok finally. Professor Sanjoy was happily remembering the joys of completing his four years of eventful involvement with the music academia at Sikkim University. Dr Krishnendu Dutta, the Head of the Department of Music, and Mr Subham Peter Gazmer were present during the final moments of his departure from Sikkim. Subham stayed with the Professor for more than two and a half years, a bright PhD scholar. Those four young hands were there to sign happy Good Bye! 


WhatsApp never sleeps! The story goes on… Here are a few more to put this note to an end.

On 12 July, 2021 morning Professor Sanjoy Bandopadhyay wrote:

I have created a report, ‘Adieu Sikkim University’ on my website where I mentioned you. I have primarily used WhatsApp and Facebook messages. This write-up is surely many light-years away from an exciting reading.

I am sharing this scratchy note with you remembering the building up of an exquisite relationship that was naturally shaped during my four-year association with Sikkim University. The link: || End of note


Aparajita Chakraborty, former PG student, 12.07.2021, 2:06 pm responds:

Although I was not lucky enough to be there and bid you goodbye in person, but extremely delighted to get glimpses of these very heartfelt messages, notes and best wishes💕

Indeed Sikkim University and most importantly the music department will always miss your presence Sir❤️

It was the golden time for the department of Music and its students for sure💕❤️❤️❤️💕


Milind Dhamala, PhD Scholar, 12.07.2021, 2:42 pm responds

This is really very beautiful Guruji 👏🏼👏🏼 we were indeed very blessed to have you in our dept 💚


Anuraag Gajamer, PhD Scholar, 12.07.2021, 3:02 pm

Without you sir the department won’t be the same. We will miss you, Sir.


Dr. Sandhya Thapa, Associate Professor in Sociology, 12.07.2021, 6:16 p.m.

Awesome Prof Bandopadhya, the way you give the essence to small things n made it memorable… you will be remembered always, sir.


Remembering Peejush Prasanna on 01 January 2009 evening

First Posted on August 15, 2012 by sitardivine

A Report by Sanjoy Bandopadhyay [copied from ‘Family Wiki’]

It was 6:15 in the evening, the call-bell rang. I got angry because I told everyone to keep the house gate unlocked – we were expecting our people to come. I thought it was Rushai who locked the door and I was about to shout at him – just then Mim commented – “Kuttipishi [Apun] has come”. I looked down from the first floor balcony and a pleasantly surprised to discover Mim was correct. Yes, it was my sweet Kuttididi and my sweet sis was confident that the door was locked – which was actually not so. She is such a good soul, simple and true!

I gave some good thoughts on how we can observe this first day of 2009 in the family. It was not easy for me to plan and manage. Finally we decided that it may be a simple one. The first thing I did was to take the phone out of the cradle and start dialing the few numbers that were almost my own numbers. It was nice to feel the warmth. Most of them said that they will make it – a few said that they won’t be able to – I could understand – After all, it was January 1, this is a day to celebrate, to go naughty, to have a special free day — to prepare for the year long routine – But, sure I did not reach all to whom I should have – thinking formally — No, it was January 01 for me too – so ‘’ Bura na mano – New Year day hai – “ Still, I can easily see I missed many. I especially missed Apu [Sandipan Mukherjee] – I shall tell you why when the time comes –

The clocked ticked by – I started getting nervous – and praying for the next soul to arrive. To my great pleasure Dada and Didin came. We were so happy! But yes, I missed some souls here too – but took caution and remembered not to ask anything — after all it was January 01. After sometime this little house was full – and I forgot everything – and started enjoying the collective consciousness – the consciousness created in a group of similar minds. I am glad that Dadabhai [Pranab] and Didibhai [Sathi] also made it. I knew how important was the 01 January evening for them too – but they chose to join us, I was very glad.

Everyone took care to first go to the thakurghar and pay their homage. It was very simple at the Thakurghar where we garlanded Thakur and Dadu-Thakuma with thick ‘Rajanigandhar mala’. Papa’s photo was just there on the table where Rakhi spread a clean white cloth. A pack of India Kings cigarette, a match box and a 100 gram Cadbury Milk Chocolate bar were there on the table as a treat to him. Rakhi read the ‘Satyanarayaner Panchali’ before Thakur. Kuttididi [Apun] joined her during the puja.

People actually arrived after the pujas was over. All went to put their homage [Pranam] to Thakur, and also Peejush Prasanna. Then we enjoyed two and a half hours uninterrupted joy! We just forgot time – we talked about Papa, we saw 145 old photographs and tried to put our brains to discover who they were! They were all our near ones – but we could not recognize many – Here Didin was the champion, she knew many of them – Dada was not behind – he also knew many – Mejdi also tried to help – Chhordi recognized some of her own photographs – It felt so good – such an enjoyable exercise—I am happy that Didin could not leave us early – and almost missed her appointment— I thought – all must go crazy – it was January 01. In between we were served tea in small plastic cups – I don’t know from where these came – I did not get them this morning. Actually, Rushai and I went to Lake Market to buy a few things including disposables – but we did not buy plastic cups— it must be Rakhi or Ma’s magic from old stock. Then we were served ‘Bake Club’ packets. Then someone told that we should have the ‘prasad’ first. So, Rakhi started the Prasad distribution arrangement. I must not forget to mention Dipankar, my student. Let me tell you Dipankar is an excellent flautist. He came around 4 in the afternoon. Since then he was busy in all the arrangements – be it heating the Chicken Piccadilly, vegetable patties or repacking them in the box and serving us.

The day ended with many promises – we promised to assemble periodically – we should remember the dripping love and affections of our seniors and should get inspired – We should spread the message of Love. We also remembered The ‘Absolute Truth’, which Papa used to propagate amongst his closest ones.

Before closing I must not forget to mention that Rushai took all the photographs – so it has become possible to create this photo-report.

Finally us, who assembled on this evening [typed without any specific sequence]: Didin [Swagata Banerjee], Dada [Mahiruha Shekhar Banerjee], Banudi [Arundhati Chakraborty], Baudi [Suchishubhra Mukherjee], Mejdi [Sushanta Siromoni], Chhordi [Samapika Sil], Tuki [Tuki Banerjee], Aindri [Aindrila banerjee], Nandada [Nandan Sil], Kuttididi [Sharmila Sivadasan], Rajada [Sivadasan], Dadabhai [Pranab Dutta], Didibhai [Sathi Dutta], Suju [Sulata Ghosh], Arun [Arun Ghosh], Mityl [Mityl Chakravarty], Manali [Manali Chakravarty], Bubu [Kastoori Guha Siromoni], Babi [Sushmita Siromoni], Tuntu [Ashmita Siromoni], Johny [Arunima Ghosh], Ratu [Ritwik Banerjee], Soma [Soma Banerjee], Rahuli [Arijit Mukherjee], Ishita [Ishita Mukherjee], Mainak [Mainak Banerjee], Dipankar [Dipankar Mukherjee], Anjanda [Anjan Chakraborty – joined late] and we in the house — Maa [Leela Banerjee], Juam [Rakhi Banerjee], Mimmai [Shreemoyee Banerjee], Rushai [Rrik Banerjee] and I [Sanjoy Bandopadhyay]. To end let me type down Papa’s writing that I found in a tiny piece of paper. He wrote it on 13 September 1983 at Khairagarh. You may also find this included in the composed photograph above.

Religion Universal
In universal religion

Relegare has to be found

And relegere is to be done;

It is holy and blissful,

The search for relegare

That which binds

Can nothing but Truth alone,

Not the relative, the absolute one.

Read again means repeatation

The absolute truth in meditation,

This can be had from one who knows

Otherwise there is no end of toils.

Peejush Prasanna Banerjee

SB’s note:

I take the opportunity to write the meanings of two words those are not in common use.

relegere = to read or pursue together; the same root goes to legible and intelligent

relegare = to tie back, to bind fast

Aum Satyam Aum

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First School Kishore Bharati

FirstPosted on June 15, 2014 by sitardivine

We just found a letter of Pt. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay’s father Mr. Peejush Prasanna Banerjee. This is a letter draft. It was addressed to the school Secretary, Kishore Bharati, Behala. This appears to be the first letter that was written regarding the schooling of Pandit Bandopadhyay. He was admitted to Class-II  in the 1960-61 academic session. This was the start of his formal schooling.

The Masks, the Feelings, the Erudite Minds, and 19 Cups of Tea

September 18, 2020, 4 p.m., Cauvery Hall, Gangtok

Sikkim University — a grand online event — the Teachers’ Day 2020. 

Let me take you a little back. It was the morning of 02 September, Sikkim University decided to felicitate four retired professors for their contributions in the advancement of the university. I was one of the chosen names.

Prof. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay Virtually participating in his Felicitation Ceremony (Photo: Subham Peter Gazmer)

I received the first happy-shock with an email-bang of our dear JPT, the revered professor of Microbiology, Professor Jyoti Prakash Tamang. He wrote me the invitation for the felicitation and announced that the university decided to formally recognize its mentors’ contributions to the advancements of the university. The online felicitation ceremony took place in the virtual presence of around 80 erudite scholars and professors of different fields and the top administrators of the Sikkim University. 

This little note is not to tell you what happened on the 5th of September; instead, this little scribbling describes what happened on the 18 September. [If you want to browse through my Felicitation Speech, please click here.]

It was 3.30 on the 18 September afternoon. I called Dr. Mohan, “Are you coming to the party?”  Mohan replied, “Yes, Sir. Where are you?” I said, “I am at home. I am about to leave.” Mohan said, “Wait for two minutes. I am coming.” Dr. Kotra R. Rama Mohan, the renowned anthropologist, is my neighbor. Mohan is the Head of Anthropology at the Sikkim University and also the Dean of the School of Human Sciences. Cauvery Hall was not far, so we decided to take a walk.

I felt so glad to see my dear colleagues after so many months, that too, not on my computer, phone, or iPad screen. I thought COVID-19 restrictions are an opportunity actually to realize the beauty of organic presence. This possibly taught us that it is a good idea to feel the present and enjoy its goodness. We feel the past was better; Carona confinement has made us distressed, and we are sad. Dhriti, Dr. Dhriti Roy, our highly efficient and learned colleague, a distinguished scholar of Chinese language, told a few times how low she was.

On a different note, I was trying to discover some goodness out of this dark Carona-time. For me, I am kind of enjoying Carona-time induced virtual life to be able to learn a lot and learn differently. I understand the whole country is learning ways to remain virtually connected, how we can efficiently work, complete our job, or even stay connected with family and friends, and avoid depressions.   

I forgot to tell you that JPT’s highly selective invitation was for a High Tea from the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Professor Avinash Khare. The university could not invite many to maintain physical distancing. There were nineteen distinguished people present in this meeting. 

Photo by: Dr. K.R. Rama Mohan, Dr. Dhriti Roy and Mr. Satyam Rana

All present in the program-space were wearing face masks, some black, some blue, and some were designed. The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Avinash Khare, Professor Jyoti Prakash Tamang and Mr. Tej Krishna Kaul, Registrar of the university greeted Prof. Imtiaz Ahmed and I with the traditional khAdA.

JPT started the event with his opening words. Then the Hon’ble Vice Prof. Avinash Khare expressed his thoughts and elaborated on the contributions of the felicitated professors. He said that mentors do not retire. Then Professor Imtiaz Ahmed, Department of Law, and I from the Department of Music, gave our very brief addresses describing what we tried to do. I focussed on the growth and achievements of the students, and the interest of the renowned scientific bodies to collaborate with my colleagues in the Department of Music.

After the speeches Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the Sikkim University Professor Avinash Khare handed over the felicitation plaque to me.

Professor Sanjoy Bandopadhyay receiving the Felicitation Plaque from the Vice Chancellor, Sikkim University Professor Avinash Khare (Photo by: Dr. Dhriti Roy)

After the High-Tea, we had a group photo session. After that, the more informal and memorable part began. I was so moved the way our colleagues sang songs. Professor Khare is a passionate singer who loves to sing; Professor Tamang used to be a name in the Nepali music community who cut a CD in his young days. Both of these singers had sore-throat and could not sing. But, the gift finally came from Dr. Dhriti Roy and Professor Abhijit Dutta. I told you about Dhriti earlier. She sang a Chinese popular song and later on request a Nazrulgeeti, a song composed by the great Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. Dr. Roy’s renderings were very smart and soulful. Before she sang the Chinese song, she explained the meanings in English. All presents loved her singing. 

Later, all requested Professor Abhijit Dutta. Abhijit agreed. Professor Dutta is a distinguished scholar in Business and Commerce, a Professor in Commerce, and the Dean of the School of  Professional Studies.  He sang ghazals, one was Pankaj Uddhas’ popular ‘dIwaron se milkar ronA- -‘. Abhijit rendered his music with closed eyes and drowned in emotion.  The audience could feel his oneness with the music and applauded.

Hearty and Emotional Song Renderings of Professor Abhijit Dutta and Dr. Dhriti Roy

I felt the natural flow of affection and emotions from my colleagues, which elevated the whole event to a different state. The entire experience came out to me as a lifetime gift and will indeed remain as my loving and cherished memory.

L to R : Dr. K. R. Rama Mohan [Anthropology], Prof. Shanti Sharma [Botany], Dr. Suresh Gurung [Joint Registrar], Dr. Laxuman Sharma [Horticulture also DSW] , Dr. Dhriti Roy [Chinese], Prof. Abhijit Dutta [Commerce], Prof. Jyoti Prakash Tamang [Microbiology], Prof. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay [Music], Prof. Avinash Khare [Vice Chancellor], Prof. N. Sathyanarayana [Botany & Acting CoE], Dr. Kabita Lama [Nepali], DR. Om P. Gadde [Political Science], Prof. Imtiaz Ahmed [Law], Mr. Tej Krishna Kaul [Registrar], Prof. A.S. Chandel [Librarian], Prof. Naval Kishore Paswan [Peace & Conflict Management]. (Photo by Mr. Satyam Rana)

Tribute to the Music Legend Richie Havens

First Posted on August 20, 2013 by sitardivine

Playing at the Bethel Woods on the 18 Aug 2013 to pay tribute to the music icon Richie Havens

Richie Havens

I had the opportunity to pay my humble musical tribute to the music legend Richie Havens during the memorial function  along with Steve Gorn [Bansuri] and Samir Chatterjee [Tabla]. Thanks to my dear Stevejee, who played on Richie’s CD ‘The Wishing Well”.  Stevejee opened up this opportunity for me. He received special invitation to arrange a performance of Indian Ensemble. The invitation came  directly from Richie’s wife.

I started typing this, I thought it a good idea to jot down a few lines on this very special event when the memory is still fresh.

When Steve [Gorn], Samir [Chatterjee] and I reached the music-shrine of the US the Bethel Woods  it was a bit late than we were supposed to arrive. Naturally, we were not comfortable. However, when we reached the venue we saw that Stephanie Winters  and Walter Parks, long time associates of Richie, engaged in sound check. We could sense that it would take some time, so we left for some food. Yes, we did our sound-check later…

Our names announced after the beautiful performance of Walter and Stephanie. We played Madhuvanti followed by a musical piece based on Richie’s brief sitar piece played by this legend himself and his song “”Something Else Again.” Someone told us that Richie used to play sitar before he took to Guitar! Isn’t it amazing?!! Our performance received very warm response with long claps, shouts and whistles… and standing ovation… We were very happy!

We were happy!

Jose Feliciano, the Nine-time Grammy winner, concluded the program.  After this we went to Woodstock ground where 400,000 people assembled in 1969. Ashes of Richie was scattered on the ground from an air-plane that went on circling for three times, later helicopter came to scatter rose petals.. Richie’s song “Freedom” was going on… people were emotional..


USA Today writes:

Richie Haven’s ashes was scattered by this airplane

The ashes of the late singer will be scattered across the festival grounds Aug. 18.

Folk singer Richie Havens will receive a musical tribute Aug. 18, the 44th anniversary of the final day of the 1969 Woodstock festival.

The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, a music venue built on the Woodstock site in Bethel, N.Y., will host a musical tribute for the late singer-guitarist and his ashes will be scattered across the grounds, according to Billboard.

Havens opened Woodstock ’69 with a memorable, nearly three-hour performance, which included an entirely improvised rendition of his now most famous song, Freedom.

He died April 22 of a heart attack at age 72.


The famous Woodstock Festival ground. Ashes of Richie Havens was sprinkled here.

[ accessed on 20 August 2013]

 The Bethel Woods Arts Center announced..

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to the Garden: A Day of Song and Remembrance Honoring Richie Havens
In Memoriam Richie Havens

Market Sheds
10:00 AM Museum opens*
2:00 PM Main Gates open to the Market Sheds
3:00 PM Service Begins
5:00 PM (approx) Service Ends

Due to overwhelming demand tickets are no longer available for the services at the Market Sheds.

On Sunday, August 18 the ashes of music legend Richie Havens will be scattered across Max Yasgur’s farm – the field where the Woodstock festival took place in 1969, and today the site of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. Guest speakers and artist information at

This is a day of song and remembrance honoring Richie Havens. It is open to the public and all are welcome. A ticket is required for admission to the memorial service in the Market Sheds. The Woodstock festival field is open to the public everyday during regular museum hours.

Food and beverages will be available in the Museum Cafe and Festival Plaza Concessions (no ticket required) and in the first Market Shed as you enter the main gates (ticket required for admission to enter the Market Sheds).

*Museum admission is $15.00 and does not include admission to the memorial at the Market Sheds. A separate admission ticket to the memorial is required. Access to the Market Sheds will be restricted until 2:00pm on August 18. Seating is GENERAL ADMISSION first-come, first served for those with a ticket to the service in the Market Shed. A chair/seat is not guaranteed. You may be standing-room-only.

[ accessed on 20 August 2013]

The famous Woodstock Music Festival ground

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